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Training activities for courses pdf, ppt, doc

The role depends on your role Platform, tools and training activities for pdf courses are your playground that you can use without limits! The platform contains many tools, Each tool has a function and objectives to be achieved, But their use depends on how creative you are in using these tools and how interactive and flowing tools you use to engage participants. This design process is a combination of “art” and “science.” The platform provides you with tools that work in a certain way, And that’s science. Designing based on your creativity is art, These two sides (science and art) come together to create an interactive exercise.

There are many of these interactive activities that can be used in the default chapter. Here we offer some “ready-to-use” activities. You can use these exercises by modifying them and adapting them for your own use. You can also use it as a starting point to help you unleash your creativity.

Training activities for courses pdf, doc, ppt

Imagine that in a moment you will be in a live lecture online for an hour. You plan to participate in this session from your current location. Now look around you … What do you see? How many potential distractions can you select? What are the things that are likely to catch your attention in the following online tutorial? If you’re like most people, Your workspace will undoubtedly be full of potential distractions, which can prevent you from actively participating in this virtual session. If you’re home, The possibility of distraction may be greater. While virtual training offers many advantages – including learning in the comfort of your office or home – it is not without challenges.

As a designer or facilitator of virtual training, Pdf training activities should be more concerned with incentives that may distract learners present in your training. This may be the hardest part of virtual training, It is to keep in touch with your audience. Luckily, By using a wide range of tools available within the platform, In addition to a touch of creativity, You can keep your participants engaged throughout the entire session.

انشطة تدريبية للدورات pdf
انشطة تدريبية للدورات pdf

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What types of training activities for courses pdf, doc, ppt?


Activities and games are a way to understand information and not an end in itself, so that the session does not turn into a theater and chaos, The activity is carried out as needed.


When choosing an activity and game , The following conditions must be carefully observed:

1- To have a clear and specific goal

2- Suitable for the category of trainees

3- Suitable for the place

4- Time-appropriate

5- Inappropriate. He. She? He’s messing around.


Before you start, Make an introduction explaining something about the activity and explaining it to them, Stay away from complex activities so as not to lose value.

Training activities for pdf courses 2 Training activities for pdf courses


Make trainees realize the usefulness of the activity after it is completed. It is good to do this through open discussion so that ideas are generated for those who have missed each other, And here the coach draws attention to the fact that this discussion will not take long and will take a minute or two a lot, And there are opinions that do not get busy discussing the ideas put forward.


If some don’t want to participate in activities and games , you don’t have to leave them. They may have something to hinder them, Whether it’s embarrassing or unable to adapt, They may interact with other activities, This is taboo in adult education.


Your role as a coach is to participate in clarifications, support and encouragement, And give each group its right, With the spread of smile and words of support. Seventhly: The coach is careful not to allow comments and jokes about someone facing an embarrassing situation during the activity, Because not all people accept that.

Training activities for pdf courses 3 Training activities for pdf courses


If the activity causes chaos in the place, it is good to arrange it immediately or at the first break.


How do I choose the game and the activity? This may be what worries the coach the most, especially the beginners. Choosing the right workout is neither easy nor complicated. Depends on the purpose of the exercise (activity or game) and this depends on the previous conditions we mentioned and is done by:

For the development of the Queen of Experimental Training:

1- Follow-up and presence of expert trainers in the same field

2. Read the relevant books.

3- Good thinking and planning help you determine the right exercises.

Activities vary from writing, discussion and reflection, And some of them are dynamic, like making a decision to think about. One of the activities is to reflect on some of the verses in which thinking is mentioned. also For example, a course in communication skills. Meditate on verses that talk about a human relationship with his Lord or with himself and with others, or a workshop on the causes of poor communication. With the self.

For example In the field of games in the communication skills course , Tug-of-war depends on movement and after the game is finished there are many messages that can be from this game (cooperation happens victory – power is necessary for success – the effect of tension in relationships makes it turn into conflicts).

Training activities for pdf courses 4 Training activities for pdf courses

It is important to note here that training activities for pdf courses should focus on learning goals. Therefore, The purpose of interactive exercises during class is more than just an activity for an activity. It’s not just a tool to play. You should be aware of the fact that activities are designed to plan for a goal and retain relevant participants in their learning process. It is designed to be interesting, relevant, useful and attractive to adult learners, With objectives and context related to the subject of virtual training.

انشطة تدريبية للدورات pdf
انشطة تدريبية للدورات pdf

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