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Training bag design guide

مؤسسة حقيبتك
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More than 30 years of experience in the preparation and design of training bags and curriculum development through a specialized academic team we were able to develop curricula and training bags to benefit more than 25,000 trainees with a total of 500,000 training hours in various training fields across the Arab world. We believe that we are on a mission to develop training content in our Arab homeland.

Training bag design guide

The design of training bags is one of the basic elements of training, This process aims to develop a realistic procedural plan for the implementation of applied training through the use of the scientific training bag design manual for the training bag and beyond. Implementation mechanisms. The process of preparing the training bag consists of a set of stages starting from setting training objectives and then developing training content that contains the information, knowledge and skills that the trainee must master and choose the appropriate methods in training for each training session and the activities you need, i.e. delivering training content in the easiest way for the trainee, Since each step is based on the previous step, And if we don’t plan scientifically and within accurate and clear criteria, The result may be the training bag. being the mainstay or finished product before starting training, It is a guide for the trainer to explain to him the following: – The training program in terms of its objectives, standards and implementation period, And the target groups. Scientific material in terms of its time, objectives and topics – the role of the trainer and trainee in the training process.

– Trainer’s Guide in Managing the Implementation of Training Courses

Providing information on thecourse and the required realistic means, tools and activities to implement the training

Evaluation tools – A range of evaluation tools are provided

– Including those related to the extent to which the trainee acquires the necessary skills, information and knowledge

Assessing the performance of the trainer and environmental training.

Training bag design guide

The importance of having a training bag

• The vessel in which the trainer pours the session represents all the ideas, analyses, objectives and scientific materials of his course.

Providing the trainer with an effective training methodology in the use of his tools, methods, presentation and time distribution in a logical and smooth manner.

• Increases training efficiency and reduces the margin of improvisation in performance.

Types of training bags

Usage instructions:

Trainer’s bag. The trainee’s bag.
Full bag.

In terms of design:

Self-bag integration bag.

Electronic bag “programmed bag” multiple alternatives

In terms of content:

One training bag is a multi-unit training bag

In terms of training activities:

Special training bag, A variety of training bags

دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Proposed arrangement of contents of the training bag

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction (Introduction)
  3. Indexing
  4. Help guide.
  5. Bag themes
  6. Methods and methods of training.
  7. The content of theoretical training is the scientific material of the unit.
  8. Hands-on content and training activities:
  9. Scientific material can be displayed through slides
  10. Calendar
دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
Training bag design guide
تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
تحميل كتاب دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية

Concept of training content

Training content: It is a practical theory, principles, facts, concepts, terminology and exercises that we want to provide to the trainee so that he can apply educational activities related to his practical skills.
Areas of training content:
Theoretical area: Is the written or verbally transmitted knowledge of trainees such as scientific terms, concepts, parts of tools, principles and theories.
Procedural practicality: is the application of skills by trainees or their motor behaviors, Such as steps to perform a task or use machinery and equipment.

Steps to build training content:

Determining the content of the training.

2- Divide this broad chart into accurate knowledge parts.

The relationship of content, principles, concepts and skills it contains to the requirements of functionality and achieving behavioral objectives.

Delete the material that is not directly related to the required training content.

Formulating training content to help with learning and achievement.

حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة
حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة

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Elements of good training content :

Clearly identify training objectives as this works to:

Identify what is important and important.
(b) Determine the size of the material to be delivered to the trainee at a specified time.
C- Determining the size of the written material and the way it is formulated.
D- Systematic distribution of the material that contributes to the good delivery of information in a shorter time.
E. Systematic sequence of the material according to the established training objectives

2. Clarity of idea:

The success of the training process and the size of the trainee’s acquisition of expertise and skills depends on the ability of the content designer to coordinate and organize the curriculum and employ educational and psychological ideas in the objective narrative of the content of the course, This contributes to the interpretation of concepts and opens awareness channels for the trainee to be able to generalize concepts and skills and apply them in working life.

Using the necessary educational means and means:

It is essential that the author of the training content rely on the educational tools of: creeks Illustrations, charts, Illustrations, Transparency, and focus on examples that link scientific facts to reality and social life, and work as much as possible. Not relying on the narrative of ideas to present any training topic, Because this does not help the trainee to understand the verbal explanation of the information, Therefore, the information does not remain long in his memory.

Quality and organization of training content outputs:

The training content that is structured and produced in an acceptable manner helps the trainer and trainee to implement the target training plan with the training bag, And then help guide training activities towards specific goals, In addition, it will be reflected positively. About the training motivation of the trainees.

حقيبة تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت
حقيبة تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت
دورتك قريبة
دورتك قريبة

You can easily design training bags on request from your bag establishment!

The foundation allows you to design and implement training bags according to the axes and number of days required as well as the target category as well as the possibility of developing and restructuring training bags, The service includes redesigning and preparing the scientific bag. Sack. The curriculum is professional and re-take out the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive and elegant way to make your training course great !!

All training bags provided by your bag organization are integrated, Since all parts of the bag needed by the trainer during the training session include “activities, And the video, And the trainee’s guide, And the trainee’s note, And the profile, And the presentation copy as well as the help files.”

Book your free consultation now and get to know the consultant for the development and design of the training world with more than 30 years of experience in preparing and designing training bags and developing curricula

  1. Design and implementation of training bags according to axes.
  2. How to determine the number of days required.
  3. What is the target group
  4. Is it possible to develop and restructure training bags.
Make the curriculum professional and clone the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive and elegant way to make your training course great !!
We have been able to develop training curricula and bags to benefit more than 25,000 trainees with a total of 500,000 training hours in various training fields across the Arab world.
“We believe that we are on a mission to develop training content in our Arab homeland”

Consultant for development and design of the training world

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