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8 components of a successful training bag

مؤسسة حقيبتك

We are the foundation of your bag to prepare and design training bags, design training bags prong and professionally, get to know with us 8 components of the successful training bag., we offer a variety of solutions in the field of bag preparation to achieve great development and success for your training course.

8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة
8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة

Components of a successful training bag include:

1.Trainer’s Guide:

is an electronic training package from the coach’s point of view, This allows him to easily organize his ideas and list scientific materials in training. Be brief and include key points to facilitate review.

2. Trainer’s Guide (Trainee Handbook):

It is an electronic training bag from the coach’s point of view, where the coach can provide it to the trainees as needed at the beginning or end of the training, Which saves them from problems. Explain and expand the content, And they will be happy to make small notes, Because the coach’s manual is comprehensive and contains detailed information about the coach he is talking about.

3. Scientific materials:

The trainer was able to retain scientific references or expanded scientific content (whether read or sound) to reuse it when training was needed, Or it can be shared with trainees after the training is over. Training workshops so they can increase them when they want.

Training implementation guide:

This is the coach’s guide, But he has the ability to perform training and is different from the coach’s manual.

5. Trainers and trainees:

A preliminary guide you must carefully design an attractive guide to determine the overall goal of training and try to guide the trainer through all parts.

Activities and exercises:

Activities and exercises help energize students, increase their attention and attract them to participate in training again, increase interaction and help encourage shy students to participate in training.

7. Mental map:

People are the pictures painted on the pictures, Even if the words are represented by circles and drawings So it’s important that your training package includes a mental map to show your progress in training throughout the day. A special training map for each day of the workshop or every day of the training workshop, so that the coach has an idea of the training plan, He prepares for it and looks forward to its content.

8. Training games:

Training games can increase the enthusiasm of coaches, Especially when using training materials directly in competitive games.

9. Enrichment materials:

Keep your words open and direct the trainees to other training materials, Or if you complete them quickly, Attach them to the training.

10. Intermittent exercise and Ice Breaker:

By playing fun dating games and breaking the ice between you and the trainee themselves.

11. Charts, charts and videos:

We mentioned that people are visual objects attracted to static and dynamic images and videos, Trainers must therefore provide their training bags with photos, photos and videos to attract the attention of trainees.

12. Evaluation model:

The evaluation table refers to a model that evaluates success and achieves training objectives, The level of distance knowledge of trainees is assessed and compared to the tribal level. Equipment, computers, projectors, screens and whiteboards: Depending on the procedures, exercises and activities that trainers add to their training packages, Technical and material equipment for training.

13. Course certificate:

The coach gets a training certificate confirming his participation in a distinguished vocational training and the trainee feels that he has gained new knowledge, Training is a unique aspect of his life. Now that we have discussed the training bag and the importance of the training bag and the components of the training bag and its important parts, We will now discuss how to design a unique training bag .

8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة
8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة

The design must contain 8 components of the successful training bag

A comprehensive overview of the subject and definition of training .

Tribal appreciation.

The professional bag must contain self-testing and remote testing.

4- Contains a clear guide to the training program.

5- A guide for the trainee.

6- Coach’s guide.

Means to be used in the training program.

A number of practical applications.

8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة
8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة
8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة
8 مكونات الحقيبة التدريبية الناجحة

Building successful training bag components: -

We are in the foundation of your bag , We have the skills to succeed for human development in building the components of the training bag focusing on the design of training bags. so that it is based on an actual training need that meets the needs of organizations and employers, It is based on a coherent academic framework. What is offered to students at international universities and academic institutes. Our training bags are designed, designed and controlled by training bag specialists. However, We have an interesting training style that moves this training portfolio from its monotonous academic framework to an academic training framework focused on training interests that stimulate active learning.

مؤسسة حقيبتك
مؤسسة حقيبتك

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