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Design of a training program

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The design of a training program is an indispensable step in the training process, It is a step that follows the needs of having training programs, And the interest in developing a good training program, Which means that the trainees get comprehensive training that meets all aspects of the benefits required, It’s an important step. When you need to train and reach goals.

What are the most important means of helping design the training program:

One of the most important means of helping in the design of the training program is the methods used by the trainer and trainees to train in an integrated and correct manner, which increases the effectiveness of the training and gives it a field of flexibility and excitement. They are represented in:

  • Computer.
  • Modern screens.
  • Writing pens and writing board.
  • Papers and tools used in any manual activity.
  • Lots of prog.
  • Big screens
  • Songs, movies and all video recordings.

What are the main contents of designing a training program:

There are many contents that any successful training program must include, The most important of these are:

  • Identify the plan for contents to design a training program.
  • Identify topics of training content.
  • Identify the curricula and methods used in the training program.
  • Identify the means to help implement the training program in the best possible way.
  • Ideal trainers must also be selected to implement the training program.
  • Choose the appropriate application and evaluation methods for the training program.
تصميم برنامج تدريبي
تصميم برنامج تدريبي
Design of a training program 1 Design of a training program

Key elements to be identified when designing a training program:

Setting the objectives of the program: The goals are the goals hoped to be achieved through the training program, These objectives are outputs that are designed and adopted in advance.
Determining the type of skills to be trained: Once training needs have been identified, the role is to determine the type of skill or skills appropriate to these needs that the training program will convey or refine for trainees such as writing. Classification, preservation, communication, leadership and administrative and intellectual skills.
C- Development of the training curriculum: The training curriculum means subjects or materials and their vocabulary that will be studied or trained by the trainees, and are determined in the light of training needs, so that the training curriculum is good. To achieve the desired goals, it must stem from a realistic working environment.

D- Choosing the training method: After developing the appropriate training curriculum, the appropriate method is determined, and this process is not easy despite the multiplicity of methods mentioned earlier that can be used in the field of training but are very dangerous. It is important to note that these methods are not alternatives to each other. In all circumstances and circumstances.
E. Selection of trainers: A qualified trainer is the main part of the design of the training program where the coach plays an important role in the success or failure of the training program.

The training site
Training can be in the workplace and under the supervision of an experienced employee, Whether he is a direct supervisor or a trainer specializing in the training process.
Or it may be off-site or off-site training, Depending on the nature of the training task and the conditions of the organization.

G- Necessary training supplies
The training program requires:
1- Training trainers and trainees in accordance with the needs and objectives of training.
Equipment and training aids available on the job site.

H. Training time
It is necessary to determine the right time to learn the skill, experience and knowledge that must be transferred to the staff, Some skills take longer than others to acquire and learn skills. also Individual learning takes longer than group learning and through the use of audiovisual equipment.

I- Determining the cost of the training program: This is the last step in the process of designing the training program, The supervisors of the training programme benefit from the development of the training budget in determining the estimated costs of the training programme.

What topics should be included in the design of a training program:

The topics in the training program design mechanism mean those contents that must be arranged in the form of lessons, training lessons and organized scientific seminars, and put it in a timeline in a sequential, realistic and easy-to-implement way, which the trainers must arrange. Knows. for trainees as well as training them in all possible ways, So that any training program can achieve its educational and training goals in an integrated way, In the end, students or trainees can get the science and applications they want to master. .

Includes putting topics in the training program design mechanism, so-called “coach’s guide” or “teacher’s guide”, Where the trainer can refer to this guide at any time during the training process, which includes the required training instructions, In order to achieve the desired and expected training goals .

تصميم برنامج تدريبي
تصميم برنامج تدريبي
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