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كيف تصنع حقيبة تدريبية
كيف تصنع حقيبة تدريبية

Training bag:

A set of tools, machines, information and means that help understand the training material and gain knowledge and skills through direct dealing or: A range of training expertise designed and prepared by specially trained experts in a systematic, organized and coordinated manner.

The importance of the training bag:

Before knowing how to make a training bag , the goal of the training bag must be to collect the scientific material of this process in a logical sequence that is easy for the trainer to explain and easy for the trainees to understand and digest. The purposes of the training bag are:

  • Create a clear blueprint for the trainer’s ideas and scientific content systems in a logical context.
  • Arrange the ideas received for the trainee so that it is easy to address them without ambiguity or ambiguity.
  • Integrate training content with its goals, objectives and lesson plans so that training does not derail.
  • Develop a training plan in terms of the number of days and hours without increasing or reducing the fatigue of trainees. Let their minds get nervous.
  • Estimate the amount of time needed for paragraphs and topics for the trainer to organize the course.
  • Puzzle exercises and training activities are entertaining while also educational.
  • The trainer should ensure that the scientific material, its activities, tools and exercises are suitable for all types of audiovisual and sensory trainees who can benefit from it. The coach should not neglect any part of them.
  • Ensure that tribal, after-and-between tests are attached to measure the success of training and assess the extent to which its objectives are achieved.

How to make a successful and purposeful training bag:

There are some steps you can take in how to make a good, useful and distinctive training bag.

These are 5 steps to how to make a training bag that is as follows:

1. The purpose of preparing training bags must be clear and specific:

One of the most important rules in preparing successful training bags is to determine the goal of the course, and then try to achieve that goal. This meeting will address this issue. The teacher should have a realistic view of the course he is teaching. He must take into account what the target audience will think about this new course, and then begin his first steps in making training bags that will be useful to his students.

2. Collect scientific content for the training bag:

This is one of the most important steps to take in how to prepare the training bag. Includes access to everything related to the scientific material and the content of the course, knowledge of all reliable sources, and knowledge of all the required aspects of the course. Then it is necessary to assemble everything you need for your training. The information to be developed, these sources include scientific journals, the Internet, books, references and everything that can have to do with the subject of how to develop a successful training package.

3. Write the assembly in a training bag:

The most important step to develop successful training bags is to write and organize content for that course or training bag. Practically to my mind, there are many steps involved in preparing a successful training bag. It is important to pay attention to the following considerations when preparing training bags:

1. When choosing the content of the training bag, you should know what the scientific specialty is.

2. Before teaching and teaching in the training bag, the work must be well monitored as it must be done according to a plan and perception. It must be done well so that it includes some of your ideas and innovations, The book is accurate and practical.

4. Try creating some apps that help you understand the content of the course.

Training bags are a scientific study, usually written content, and written content is not always strong enough for many disciplines to be useful, so those who place training bags should also be interested in developing practical examples, such practical examples are the application of knowledge. Who completes the learning and application course? The true and realistic meaning of the importance of this course is given to you, so it’s good to pay attention to this aspect when you start developing a plan to write successful training packages.

5. How to view and explain the content of training bags:

After you have written the training bag as required, and make sure it is good and suitable for use in teaching, the step is to present it to the trainees. Trainers determine how much content is required to be provided, depending on their personal nature and their comfort in teaching, as well as on the number of trainees and where they are educated. The trainee displays his bags, where there are many ways to display bags that anyone can use, including:

  • Blackboard or blackboard: Some trainers write their training bags, where they like to interact with scientific material and trainees, because this method often works well, especially with a few trainees.
  • You can view this course on the trainer’s Bruges carrier. Display it on a white roof in front of the trainees.
  • One of the most important ways to display the training bag is especially in the very large lounges where there are many trainees.
  • PowerPoint: The trainer puts the content of special training bags on the computer screen using PowerPoint, as it is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to deliver successful training bags.

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How to make a training bag

The trainer and trainee manual is important for teaching and training.

The training bag should explain the general objectives and purpose of the training, and it must inspire you to complete all its parts.

Activities and exercises help energize trainees, increase their concentration and re-attract them to training. It also encourages shy trainees to participate in training.

The mental map of training should include a general training plan and a detailed plan for each workshop day. The coach must have a comprehensive understanding of the course, as well as a detailed plan for each day. prepares and expects its content.

Trainng games are a lot of fun! It encourages the coach to be enthusiastic about training, and is particularly useful when using training in competitive events.

Additional resources: Keep your words open and direct trainees to additional resources.

كيف تصنع حقيبة تدريبية
كيف تصنع حقيبة تدريبية

Gap andice breaking exercises: Breaking the icebergs of trainees between themselves and their trainer. Enjoy the games.

Graphics, photos and videos: We mentioned that man is an optical object attracted to still and moving images. Therefore, the trainer must provide his training bag with drawings, photos and videos to attract the trainee’s attention.

Evaluation models: Evaluation models show models that measure the success of training, the objectives achieved, and the level of knowledge gained by trainees, and compare it with the tribal level.

Required equipment: computer screen, displays, adhesive notes and panels. Is the technical and physical equipment necessary for training, according to the programs, exercises and activities added by the trainer in his training bag.

Certificate of attendance: The accredited coach receives a training certificate confirming his presence at a distinguished professional point. The trainee feels that he has received new knowledge and that training is one of the defining points of his life.

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كيف تصنع حقيبة تدريبية
كيف تصنع حقيبة تدريبية

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