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Ready training bags in various topics

Training others is a difficult task that no one can accomplish. If the coach has scientific and practical qualifications, The scientific qualification lies in studying the profession carefully to be taught or explained to the trainees, Master all aspects and aspects. and practical qualifications. The trainer provides scientific materials with an appropriate format called a training bag, which must be prepared in an orderly manner.

Preparing ready training bags in various topics

The stage of preparing ready-made training bags in various topics aims to develop an operational plan for the actual training process, By preparing the scientific material and the procedural steps required for implementation. Ready-made training bags are prepared on the basis of training objectives, knowledge, skills and training methods and methods identified at the design stage to ensure that the training is planned and implemented on the basis of sound scientific and technical standards. The program’s training bag is the final product.

This brief guide aims to clarify the technical and official standards for the preparation of training bags for training program materials (in service) to guide them when preparing a training bag and using it as a basis for technical review. The guide also aims to help the training bag trainers arrange their contents in a way that ensures the logical sequence of training units and their subjects. It also includes the formal consolidation of the training programme portfolio while providing the necessary flexibility during the training period. Prepare, use and develop the training bag.

The contents of ready training bags

– Key to the training bag

Bag cover model – Key Content Index – Photos from the Approved Directory

– Article plan

Training unit (unit number) – unit name (number of training hours) – target – unit topics

– Scientific materials and applications

Scientific material – definitions – stages – application – tools for application

– Evaluation

Measuring tools for acquiring skills and knowledge – evaluation type – evaluation scores

– References

Basic References – External Readings

10 حقائب تدريبية للمعلمين والمعلمات معتمدة من وزارة التعليم
نماذج للدورات التدريبية الناجحة

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Guide to implementing ready-made training bags in various topics

The manual for the implementation of the training bag has been taken into account so that the elements in the training bag are not repeated, The content of the training bag execution manual consists of the following elements:

– The cover contains the name of the course, the name of the program, the name of the sector, the name of the directory and the date of preparation
– The name of the training unit as mentioned in the training bag
– The number of the training unit as mentioned in the training bag
– Unit time as mentioned in the training bag
– Course number as mentioned in the training bag
– Course time as mentioned in the training bag
Description of training activities for each session
– Describe the procedures for carrying out each activity in the course
– Determine the training methods to be used in each training session

Your bag organization also has services that allow you to carry out special training bags, including these services.

Custom-made training bags

Design and implementation of a training bag according to the axes, number of days required and target group

– Training bags available and ready for delivery

A range of ready-made training bags equipped for immediate delivery and immediate receipt after adding trainer information

Development and restructuring of bags

The service includes redesigning and preparing the scientific curriculum professionally and re-taking the training bag with activities and exercises in a distinctive style and elegance to make your training course great

Adoption of training bags

Review the full portfolio and adopt it in accordance with international standards for the establishment and development of the curriculum

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