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How to make a training bag

How to make a purposeful training bag:

Some steps can be made, And by following them can prepare good, useful and distinctive training bags in the field of training that you do, These steps are as follows:

1. The purpose of the modus operable of a training bag must be clear and specific:

One of the most important rules in the way to make a successful training bag is to try to determine the goal to be achieved through the specific training course, The goal here means that the person in charge of preparing the course realistically defines all his dreams. Actually , It is appropriate for students or the public to address this session and study it, And here, those who prepare the training bags should know realistically how useful this course will be, and to put himself in the place of the target. At any time, the public can begin its first steps in preparing bags with successful training.

2- Compiling the scientific content of the training bag:

This is certainly one of the most important steps to be taken in how a training bag works , Include the identification of everything related to scientific material and the content of the course, and to know all the useful and reliable sources And to be familiar with it. With. With. With. All aspects to be included in the course, And then do a good and comprehensive set of everything training bags need for information to be developed, Sources include scientific journals, the Internet, books, references and everything that is possible. Be linked to the theme of how to develop a successful training portfolio.

Writing content collected in training bags:

One of the most important way to work a training bag to prepare successful training bags is the step of writing and organizing content for that course or training package, Where it is the step that will determine the courses of the training bag, and its stages in it. He- she. He. She. He. She. which will be presented to the trainees, Content is included from the easiest to the hardest, And from practical to theoretical, There are many considerations that anyone who prepares training bags should pay attention to, In this step it is preferable to use people of scientific specialization, and experienced in the scientific specialization to be taught, It is taught in the training bag, The work must, of course, be monitored. All right The training bag is written in broad lines and accurately depicted, taking into account the scientific and practical foundations of specialization and teaching.

Develop some applications that help understand the content of the training bag:

Training bags with scientific content, They are usually written, And written content is not enough in many disciplines to be useful and effective, Therefore, those who place training bags should take care of the way a training bag works as practical models as well, This process is an example that is practical. which complements the circle of learning and utilization which gives the true and realistic meaning of the importance of the training course to the public, It is therefore good to pay attention to this aspect when you start developing a plan to write successful training bags.

5- How to view and explain the content of training bags:

At that stage and after completing the training bag as required and ensuring the validity, quality and validity of the teaching content, The step of displaying content to trainees comes and must be well defined by trainees. The coach according to his personal nature and his comfort in teaching, Depending on the number and nature of the trainees, And also according to where the trainee will display his training bags, There are many ways to view. Those who place training bags can use them, including: Writing board or blackboard: Usually some trainers explain their training bags by writing on the blackboard, Because they feel the living interaction between them and the scientific material As well as the interaction between the coach and the trainees, So this method is often good, Especially with a few. . Of the trainees.

The way training bags are displayed is not a new way but has become obsolete, The trainer displays the content of the course on the white water screen that he displays on a white surface in front of the trainees.

Cinema view: One of the most important methods used in displaying training bags, especially in very large lounges with a large number of trainees.

PowerPoint method: Where the trainer puts the content of the special training bags, in the form of a presentation on computers, Using PowerPoint, It is an easy and clear way to deliver successful training bags.

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