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The main objective of theready training material is to clarify the contents, organize and simplify the training content. The coach also has the right to associate himself with the trainees and what he does when preparing all these materials.

Thetraining portfolio will work mainly in the training process at present, which is one of the things that helps acquire skills, information and increase learning, whether online or where training courses are offered.

How do you define the objectives of the training course within a ready-made training package?

  • Using specific, precise and relevant training objectives leads to more effective training
  • Training programs designed to achieve positive results can be assisted by training aids

Training with specific goals in mind can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training

Determines the objectives of the training.

Determines the quality of training.

A company’s employee database can provide information about employees, such as their age, interests, academic background, and work experience. This data can be used to identify training needs and identify employees who are likely to benefit from additional education or training.

Personnel surveys help identify difficulties and performance problems faced by the organization’s employees

Provides documentation and training materials.

Encourages employee participation in discussing work-related matters

This program helps trainers to design programs that accurately meet the needs of trainees

It’s helpful to focus on uncomplicated important topics rather than more complex topics that are less important

A ready-made training package includes the following seven components:

  • Trainer’s Manual: It is a document that explains the content of the training, teaches the basics of the training material, and identifies the practical practices that must be shared with the trainee.
  • Training activities: a set of activities that help the trainee to understand and use the training material in a practical way, in addition to ensuring the delivery of information in a way that facilitates the benefit of the training
  • Videos covering all aspects of the training topic in a clear and easy-to-follow format make the training flexible and easy to follow
  • Evaluation models: They are models used to evaluate the training activity, in addition to separate models and tests to ensure the success of the training program provided to increase participation and interaction during the training program.
  • Training games: These games will help participants learn more about the topic at hand. In addition, presentation slides designed specifically for this type of training can be a useful tool.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: It is a set of presentation slides designed specifically for the required training topic

When designing a ready-made training material , consider the following key points:

  • All parts of the material must be integrated to form a system with a link between them.

  • The instructions for using the material must be clear and easily accessible throughout the material.
  • Clarity of the detailed objectives and objectives of the training material.
  • We must consider the principles and foundations of adult education.
  • If the contents are large in parts (units), each unit must be homogeneous if you want to use it according to your circumstances and abilities.

  • Deliver content clearly and purposefully. Text must be written in an inexpensive manner.
  • Consider individual differences.
  • Progressive instructions.
  • Let the trainee talk to himself.
  • The trainee learned to answer questions satisfactorily.
  • Instilling self-awareness.
  • A degree of flexibility that facilitates modification and development

interests to you while presenting a ready-made training material inside the training course

By carefully reading the material and examining all its contents, you will be able to train more efficiently and manage sessions more effectively

  1. Always carry your training material with you when you are in the training room
  2. Taking the program carefully and making sure the full time is invested according to plan will help resolve the conflict
  3. It is important for the trainee to be activated in the program so that he can act as a coordinator and manager of the dialogue and discussion within it
  4. Grouping trainees randomly after each training session helps maintain their vitality and benefit from a variety of experiences
  5. Teamwork during the training session
  6. Ensure that at the end of each training session the objectives of the training course have been achieved
  7. The coach should not exceed the level of training he trusts the trainees

ready training material
When it comes to training, everyone’s assumptions about how much training is needed can lead to conflict Estimating the training needs of individuals and organizations can help avoid this type of conflict.
The chart provides basic information about the data The use of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound training objectives leads to accurate identification of training objectives ,By targeting training better, this will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your training
Determines the objectives of the training.
Determines the quality of training.
The personnel file provides information about employees in terms of their age, interests, academic background, and work experience. It also includes information about employees’ training needs and situations.
Performance appraisal identifies the difficulties and performance problems faced by the organization’s employees
Provides documentation and training materials.
Encourages employee participation in discussing work-related matters
Training programs carefully designed to meet the needs of trainees
It is important to avoid making common training mistakes, which often waste time on more complex rather than more important and uncomplicated topics.

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Types of ready-made training material, They vary depending on usage, design, content, training activities and subject matter.

The training material includes equipment to be used by the trainee and a comprehensive training material.

Ready training material divided into two types:
Training materials also divided in terms of content into:

1.      Integrated ready-made training material and self-training material.

2.      Electronic ready-made training material and multi alternative programmed training material .       

Choose one ready-made training material and one in multiple units.

2000 ready training materials 2 2000 ready training materials
Detailed goals when purchasing a training material ready for your course: –
  • To introduce the trainee to the concept of training needs.
  • To introduce the trainee to the importance of identifying training needs.
  • The trainee should know the source of the training needs.
  • To introduce the trainee to the types of training needs, such as verbal, visual, reading and writing.
  • The trainee should acquire the attributes of training needs
  • Introducing the trainee to the education of young and old.
  • The trainee should get to know the trainee.
  • The trainee should be briefed on the slides.

Specialized training materials are explained using different training methods.

Lectures: It is a way to explain specialized training materials where the coach explains the science without discussing the trainees and this type helps the coach to avoid losing his focus during the explanation where there is no boycott by the trainees and he is also not blamed for the lack of interaction with them
Practical case study: You should present a particular problem and discuss it with trainees.
Training in the use of machinery and equipment: If training is conducted on new types of machinery and equipment, this means that work will be carried out in an existing institution.
Role-sharing and simulation: This is one way to help clarify what training materials include, such as a trainer and an intern playing roles that illustrate the idea of programs.

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  1. Design and implementation of training materials according to axes.
  2. How to determine the number of days required.
  3. What is the target group
  4. Is it possible to develop and restructure training materials.
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