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Hakapetk provides customizable training materials enabling clients to deliver high-quality and engaging content to their staff or students using proven materials that can be edited to suit any training situation or audience.

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Bag design course: -

Designing a training bag is an art that many people don’t know. I have met a lot of coaches and listened to many coaches who have not yet started training, Their obstacle is “designing the training bag”. Honoring passes due to time constraints, Sometimes they may have to rent training bags or buy ready-made training bags, Most climbs the bag design ladder and does not. Unfortunately it deserves design.

Everyone understands the importance of training in closing the performance gap in order to meet training needs in various fields, achieve goals and work towards development and growth for individuals and institutions. Course in the field ofdesigning and preparing training bags , And it is important for every coach and training specialist For all those involved in training and education.

The training bag is a concept that reflects the operational plan of the actual training process by preparing the scientific material, activities and procedural steps required for implementation on the basis of training objectives.

It is a document that includes a detailed statement on the training procedures for use by one or more trainers to ensure that the desired goals of the training program are achieved efficiently and effectively, It focuses on performance bridging. A gap between reality and expectations in the performance of individuals or organizations benefiting from the training portfolio.

design course: -

Principles for preparing training material :

  • Steps to build and design the training material.
  • The basics of preparing the material.
  • McCarthy Theory Applications (META4).
  • Effectively (CP3) in the design of training materials.
  • Determine training decisions.
  • Decision-making standards in training.
  • Select the exact time for training.
  • Criteria for collecting and organizing training content.
  • Program objectives.
  • Program guide.
  • Training methods used.
  • Training methods used.
  • Design and construction phase.
  • Select the topics and references used.
  • Divide the contents of the training material into training units or training materials.
حقيبة تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت
حقيبة تدريبية جاهزة بوربوينت
الحقائب التدريبية
الحقائب التدريبية

Training tools for training material including:

  • The concept of training tools.
  • Types of training tools.
  • Choose training tools.
  • How to use presentation tools and assistance (shapes, materials, tools, devices, situations, and activities)
  • Computer software skills (PowerPoint software).
  • Make a presentation from the beginning (depending on the bidder).
  • Add special effects.
  • Print the presentation (releases are distributed with the presentation).
  • Add, edit, and draft texts in the presentation.
  • Changing backgrounds (colors, Designs …).
  • Tips for providing information.
  • Use prefabricated plates and plug-ins.


دورة تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
دورة تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
الحقائب التدريبية
الحقائب التدريبية

Before starting the training material in the training material design course : –

The designer of the training material needs to select a set of necessary data

Design the training material by answering the following questions

Use the five questions: (What, Why from What time Where)

Analysis of actual training needs or presumed need

• Develop a simplified detailed plan before starting preparation

Review potential training ideas and methods

• See how the tools are prepared for the session and how compatible they are

What kind of training material is the design target for in terms of purpose and purpose?

What is the subject of the training material and what are its target elements according to training needs?

• Who will be targeted in the training material and what are their previous experiences?

What is the time for training using the training material?

What training methods are used?

What training tools should be included in the training material?

What model should I follow in the design?

What criteria should be observed in the design?

………….. and other required data.


دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
دليل تصميم الحقائب التدريبية
حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة
حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة

Training material design steps

Reality analysis to identify the levels of trainees.
Identify the goals to be achieved in the training material.
Choose the training content in the training material.
Choose how to organize the training content in the training material.
Choose the training method and accompanying activities.
Identify the specifications of the appropriate training environment.
Identify the tools used in training andaccompanying educational materials.
Determine the method of evaluation.
Organizing the components of the training material andthe remoteness of training activities.
O Take out the training material according to analysis data and scientific options in light of quality standards

Quality standards for the training material:

  • Suitability: It is intended to what extent the training material starts from vision and foundations, and how consistent it is with the education and training policy.
  • Regularity: It means the extent to which the training portfolio is built in the light of the required institutional standards and procedures.
  • Flexibility: It means thatthe training material can be cooked according to the conditions and possibilities available.
  • Accuracy: It is intended to clear the training material and stay out of obscurity.
  • Honesty: It means reliability and free content of information and data for the training package of scientific, technical and training errors.
  • Inclusiveness: It means how much the training material contains goals and objectives.
  • Scalability: It means how much the training package can be developed in the future according to the variables.
  • Adjustment: It means how compatible the training material is with the characteristics of advanced variables.
  • Loyalty: The extent to which the training material meets the expectations of the beneficiaries.
  • Compatibility: It means that the training material is compatible with its content and consistency.
  • Integration: It means the extent to which the training material is committed to integrating educational expertise into its content.


حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة
حقائب تعليمية الكترونية جاهزة

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Effective training material components: The training material consists of five main sections as follows:

Section 1: Key to the training material:

This section contains items related to the definition, objectives, importance, documentation and contents of the material. It also gives a general and comprehensive picture of the program with all its elements This part consists of the following elements:
1- The package cover includes the name of the training material, the program, the sector, the name of the package designer, the destination of the application, the references, the developer and the documentary history.
Introduction and introduction to the training material, its objectives and importance.
The main index of contents.
A portfolio guide that includes instructions and the most important sources of learning.
5- Targeted material.
Previous experiences to be provided as a precondition for training.
7. Distribute the time allocated for the use of the material.

Section 2: Theoretical training content “Theoretical Framework for Training Material“:

This section contains information, concepts, maps, concepts and experiences that help the trainee understand the subject of the portfolio and the ability to implement its basic applications. This section is divided into training units, Each includes the following elements:

1- The objectives of the unit.
The main topics addressed by the Unit.
Basic definitions and concepts of the subject of unity.
Targeted educational and training experiences.
5- Concept maps to illustrate the elements of cognitive content.
Educational means and auxiliary educational materials.

Section 3: Hands-on content “Practical Applications for The Training Material”

This section consists of training content, The sections of the training units are followed and the following elements are included in each training unit:
Training courses include training activities to achieve the course’s objectives within a specified time frame of 20 to 100 minutes. The training session includes:
A- Session number and target type of activity, Discussion session, Brainstorming Training Evaluation Apply metrics.
B- Course topics
C. Time spent on the course
D- Course objectives
E. Basic training activities for the course.
Training tools for the implementation of the course.
G- Procedures for the implementation of the course.

The fourth topic: Calendar of the training material:

This section includes tools to evaluate training content and measure indicators to achieve the objectives of the training material. Includes tribal and after-tests, Tools to measure the extent to which trainees acquire the knowledge, skills and positions targeted in training. Pack and measure the extent to which learners gain knowledge. Package components, training strategies, training tools and educational materials are suitable for the purposes of the training material.

This section in training materials includes:

A- The initial test of the training material to measure the readiness of trainees.
B- The subsequent test of the training material to measure the achievement of the trainees and the extent to which the objectives of the material are achieved.
C- Measure the trends of trainees towards the components of the training material.
D- Trainer evaluation form for the training material.
E- Trainee evaluation form and training strategies.

Section 5: Sources of learning and accompany in educational materials :

This section includes educational tools and educational materials accompanying the package, which include the promotion of scientific material and training content that helps the trainer and trainee achieve the objectives of the training material, It includes effective training packages. Next:

A- Images, numbers and forms necessary for clarification and application.

B- Electronic slideshow.

C- Electronic projectors.

Interactive educational materials.

E- Scientific references to the training material.


دورتك قريبة
دورتك قريبة

You can easily design training materials on request from your material establishment!

The foundation allows you to design and implement training materials according to the axes and number of days required as well as the target category as well as the possibility of developing and restructuring training materials , The service includes redesigning and preparing the scientific material. Sack. The curriculum is professional and re-take out the training material with activities and exercises in a distinctive and elegant way to make your training course great !!

All training materials provided by your material organization are integrated, Since all parts of the material needed by the trainer during the training session include “activities, And the video, And the trainee’s guide, And the trainee’s note, And the profile, And the presentation copy as well as the help files.”


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Book your free consultation now and get to know the consultant for the development and design of the training world with more than 30 years of experience in preparing and designing training materials and developing curricula Meet:-

  1. Design and implementation of training materials according to axes.
  2. How to determine the number of days required.
  3. What is the target group
  4. Is it possible to develop and restructure training materials.
Make the curriculum professional and clone the training materials with activities and exercises in a distinctive and elegant way to make your training course great !!
We have been able to develop training curricula and materials to benefit more than 25,000 trainees with a total of 500,000 training hours in various training fields across the Arab world.
“We believe that we are on a mission to develop training content in our Arab homeland”

Consultant for development and design of the training world

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