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10 training courses provided by the Ministry

دورات تدريبية في البنوك مقدمة من وزارة المالية

Depending on the importance of banks in maintaining funds, Given that transactions with banks are carried out with many customers and investors, This leads to multiple sources of bank financing, This in turn ensures its success and continuity.

Receptionist training for 2022

تدريب موظفي الاستقبال أصبح أمرا هاما لأنهم يشكلون واجهة الشركة ويعكسون طبيعة العلاقات ضمنها ولهذا نلاحظ ان الشركات باتت تهتم بشكل كبير في تدريب موظفي الاستقبال

The training of receptionists has become important because they form the front of the company and reflect the nature of the relationships within it, which is why we note that companies are now very interested in training receptionists.

Mayte system and 5 ways to design a training program

نظام مايت و تصميم برنامج تدريبي

The design of the Mayte training plan is an essential step in the training process, As it is a necessity to follow up on the existence of the training plan, Ensuring a good training plan means that trainees receive comprehensive training in all aspects. The benefits are required as they are important steps that must be fully prepared when you need training and reach goals.

The importance of reception training courses in 2022

الدورات التدريبية في الاستقبال تعتبر امرا ضروريا جدا في العصر الحديث، حيث يعتبر موظف الاستقبال هو واجهة المؤسسة فقدراته وطريقة تفاعله وتعامله مع الزوار تعكي بشكل جيد طبيعة المنظمة لذلك تهتم المنظمة بموظفي الاستقبال بشكل كبير جداً وتحثهم على المشاركة في الدورات التدريبية في الاستقبال

Training courses in reception are very necessary in modern times, Where the receptionist is the façade of the institution its abilities and the way it interacts and deals with visitors well the nature of the organization so the organization cares about the receptionists very much and urges them to participate in the training courses in reception

Management training courses

الدورات التدريبية الإدارية

Successful management training courses are based on keeping pace with development and modernity, The best business is always offered with the least time and the least effort, This depends on the competence and experience of the employees, including managers, middle chiefs and employees working in various positions, Therefore, companies and institutions are conducting training courses to encourage their workers to increase their expertise and skills in order to support and serve their work, In this article we will talk about “management training courses”.

Training bag in psychology

حقيبة تدريبية في علم النفس

Psychology is a science that researches the scientific study of mental behavior including what we do, how we act, and the process of thinking and perceiving actions, Thought, cognitive perception, interconnected personal relationships, psychological theories and information are tools used to solve problems facing humanity on a large scale, Psychology is science that means self-study and derived from the Latin word psychology, There are currently a number of theories reached in this science, including functionalism, cognitive doctrine and psychoanalysis.

5 of the most important training bags

أهم إعداد حقائب تدريبية

Transferring and explaining information is not easy, And it’s not done randomly, No one is considered qualified to train scientific materials, Given the importance of this topic, the importance of preparing useful and effective training bags, So that the trainees graduate with high competencies and important experience that makes them important and successful trainers in the preparation of the training subject related to their competence, A course entitled “The Training Bag Preparation Course”, which we will talk about in this article, has appeared.

EXCEL Excel and 8 cycles remotely

دورات عن بعد في الإكسل EXCEL

EXCEL is a modern learning method that earns you the skills and experience of the program without going far away, or spending excessive funds, Excel is one of the most prominent programs produced by Microsoft in conjunction with the rest of the package, which are wordboard, alexis, powerpoint, Although the program has been in use on the ground for a long time, It still occupies a high position in the field of accounts, and the regulation of databases, and create charts that reflect digital relationships, Individuals need distance cycles in Excel to learn about the components of the program and the mode of operation, because it is difficult to learn this on their own, as there are many fine hiding places, that require expertise that can be gained from specialists, In the current period, things have been facilitated through distance training courses, that modern technologies are used through computers, Where trainers are communicated through websites, The programmes used are multiple.

Human development training courses

دورات تدريبية  في التنمية البشرية

There is no doubt that human development science has become one of the most widespread sciences today, And there are many websites that offer free courses in human development This has made demand increasing day by day.

11 human resources management training courses

دورات تدريبية في إدارة الموارد البشرية

Human resources management is one of the most important functions of management because of its focus on the human element, It is the most valuable resource in management and the most productive resource ever.

8 steps for a scientific research training bag

مُحتوى حقيبة تدريبية عن مهارات البحث العلمي

We mean in bulk the article: “Training bag on scientific research skills” the nature of the educational material, taught in courses related to teaching how to write and implement scientific research, They are diverse and constructive skills, Diversity comes in terms of its nature and the way it is prepared, and building as they represent steps that depend on each other, And any shortcomings in a step followed by palaces with full scientific research, Or the message, Through this article, we will develop a set of items that can be covered by any training bag on scientific research skills, With short details for each item.

Air conditioning, cooling and training courses

دورات تدريبية في التكييف والتبريد

The profession of air conditioning and refrigeration has become more important nowadays, especially with development, scientific progress and the advancement of the level of life, This profession has played an important role in industry, housing and buildings, But there is a confusion between the concepts of air conditioning and cooling, So in this article we […]

Ways to educate people with special needs in the 21st century

Ways to educate people with special needs in the 21st century 1 Ways to educate people with special needs in the 21st century

People with special needs People with special needs need different curricula tailored to their needs and abilities, In order to successfully train and qualify people with special needs, Special training programmes, special equipment and educational means must be provided to unleash their talents and abilities. Achieving areas of creativity, education and training designed to help […]

Faculty and training courses

هيئة التدريس  و الدورات تدريبية

Faculty and staff courses or training courses include many important topics, Everyone is aware of the importance of training courses during this critical period. Since knowledge gained in the past may not be useful over time, Training is used as an important rehabilitation mechanism, leading to a significant increase in the trainee and the environment around him, We all seek to develop, This is not possible without going into everything that is new and in a way that brings benefits. rooted in the founding of any society, We rely heavily on them for the desired renaissance, which can only be achieved through science.

3 courses in design

دورات في التصميم

Design courses are an art of fine arts, Any of its many branches, Design is the process of planning and creativity through a range of innovative and creative minds, Help them design products that fit reality.

Self-development and 8 training courses in it

يعتقد الناس أنه من الصعب تطوير الذات لكنه في الواقع أمر نسبي، ليس صعبًا ولا سهلًا، لأن هناك الكثير من الإجراءات والسلوكيات التي يمكن أن تساعدنا في تغيير سلوكنا ليناسب مواقف معينة، وأفكارًا، وتتخذ الأحداث إجراءات سلبية.

People think it’s hard to develop oneself, but it’s actually relative, It’s not hard or easy, Because there are a lot of actions and behaviors that can help us change our behavior to suit certain situations, ideas, Events take negative action.

Trainee and search for training courses

المتدرب والبحث عن دورات تدريبية

The term trainee always refers to the acquisition of knowledge, competencies and experience, Training courses are interrelated technical skills and knowledge for the trainee. Acquiring skills and experience in the hands of only professional trainers in a particular field, an environment provided by academies that do not exist in universities and colleges because they are stronger than the knowledge and information provided by the training and competencies provided by universities, Keeping up with real life is far from being useless knowledge in real life, We will therefore identify the importance of training courses and recognize and take into account the importance of self-development.

المتدرب والبحث عن دورات تدريبية

حمل النموذج المجانى

خبرة أكثر من 30 عام في اعداد و تصميم الحقائب التدريبية و تطوير المناهج

حمل النموذج المجانى

المتدرب والبحث عن دورات تدريبية